Out through the curtain

You are the moon

18 December 1988
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When asked I frequently say my name is Cassie and my age is thirteen, although that's not true. My name is not Cassie (and it's not Cassandra or Cassidy), and my age stopped being thirteen some good years ago.

I was born to live from music. I play bass, sing backing vocals and write songs for a band called The Still Motion.

When I grow up I want to be Chris Faller (or work as a forensic criminologist).

I also write fiction, bandom and originals mainly. And my mother language is not English.

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I write odds for reviewes_welcome.
I write bass for sounds_inspire.
I am married to notyourshot as of August the 14th, 2008 by the almighty church of marry_a_ljuser.
I am the Chris Faller of LiveJournal.